Wednesday, 3 August 2016

‘You want war? You’ve got it!’ US deploys Supersonic bomber days after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un declared war on America

US President Barack Obama has acted on Noth Korea's Supreme leader Kim
Jong-Un’s bluff by deploying very powerful supersonic bombers to bases
near North Korea - just days after the dictator Kim Jong-un declared war
on America.

The North Korean leader accused Mr
Obama of “crossing the red line” after introducing trade sanctions last
week, and promised the “toughest countermeasures” in response. Obama
in uncharacteristic fashion has deployed supersonic strike bombers to
bases near North Korea - daring Kim Jong-Un to attack first.


300 US airmen have also been deployed alongside the B-1B Lancer bombers
to Guam, a US territory in the Pacific Ocean within striking range of
the North Korea’s capital of Pyongyang.

spokesman for the US Airforce said: “The B-1 units bring a unique
perspective and years of repeated combat and operational experience from
the Central Command theatre to the Pacific.

will provide a significant rapid global strike capability that enables
our readiness and commitment to deterrence, offers assurance to our
allies, and strengthens regional security and stability in the
Indo-Asia-Pacific region.”

Along with declaring war on the US, North Korea also recently threatened to reduce Japan “to debris in a moment”.

bizarrely, however, has been the dictator's order for border guards to
kill snakes - amid 'fears' the snakes are spies working for his

A source from within Pyongyang
revealed: “From early this month, border patrol units received orders to
capture snakes before they crawl over the banks of Amnok River.

key message from the Party was that the South’s National Intelligence
Service had released snakes as part of a ‘cunning scheme’ to challenge
our unity.

“Under orders to capture the snakes
before they reach land and hatch eggs, soldiers have no choice but to
wade into the river to do so, naturally leading to complaints. 

grumble among themselves about the nature of the state’s claims,
justifiably pointing out that not even a three-year-old would believe
that the South would attack us with snakes over propaganda leaflets or

Source: Express UK/ The Sun UK

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