Sunday, 14 August 2016

SUNDAY Jokes: All The Drama That Happens When Your Parents Are Arguing

1. When you realise your parents are having a disagreement.


Which kind of wahala is this one now?

2. When your mother comes to report your father to you.

what nonsense

How is this one my business now?

3. When your father comes to report your mother to you.


Oh you too?

4. When they are both shouting over you but you can’t leave because they will now face you.

talk over

So I should just stay here and be looking?

5.When either of them try to get you to be on their side, you’re like:


Please don’t involve me in your domestic squabble. Thanks!

6.When they start using style to bribe you for your support.


That’s when both of them know how to give you anything you want!

7.When they are arguing about you or your siblings.

shock 4

So that is why somebody cannot hear word?

8.You, to the parent that is on your side:


The best parent in the whole world.

9.How you and your siblings have to tiptoe around the house so you don’t collect misplaced anger:


Please oh!

10.When you see either of your parents coming to look for even more support.

Simpsons hide

I’m not around oh, please!

11.When you try to settle the argument and you end up stressed:

Because you just wanted to help people oh!

12.When they settle their quarrel and then turn on you together.

Wow! Such betrayal!

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