Sunday, 10 April 2016

Davido's ex-girlfriend Faith Nketsi post video of Davido nutting on her face

This raunchy video by Faith Nketsi has now become a trending topic on all social media sites South Africa.

Via naijagist:
Who remembers Davido's ex-fling Faith Nketsi? This "twerk queen" (yes that is her official occupation) has been busy getting slapped by a lousy penis for all of Instagram to see. Not only was tha D not strong or hard but she cannot even suck well. If that is her boyfriend @mrmakhosini she "loves" so much, why does she look so repulsed?

Faith is known for her big yansh & dirty wigs just like @officialagnes1 because she is loosely moving around Nigeria maintaining her low rate for the night. Davido was busy kissing this cum guzzler on the mouth when she is known for her ashewo ways without protection.

Move over Special spesh, looks like Queen twerk wants  to be covered in juics! I'm always shocked when people are complaining about my blog being too raw or vulgar with just words, meanwhile, ashewo are out on Instagram with thousands of followers doing amateur porn for likes & low budget advertising.

Pictures on the internet are permanent. When you grow a brain & look back at yourself in a few years, when your husband-to-be googles your name, when your child finds his mommy getting dick slapped by someone else's daddy, you will surely regret it.

DOWNLOAD Faith Nketsi Video a.k.a Queen Twerk Instagram Video (1.99 MB) 

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